Welcome to the solution, Kentuckiana.

I am Steve Schardeinand I am Triple-S Computers.

COVID-19 UPDATE: For everyone's safety, beginning 3/9 I've been meeting my clients in the driveway. All equipment is sanitized with 72% isopropyl alcohol before and after service. Your safety is my top priority. We will get through this together!     

Computers are my passion. For over 20 years, I've been developing my skills, and today, I use them to help people just like you. Whether it's a malware infection (no matter how complex), failing hard drive, persistent error message, or just a slow PC, I can most certainly solve your problemwith the greatest of care and expertise, and consequently, the lowest risk to your data.

Why I started doing this (for all of Louisville and Southern Indiana)

I'm a different kind of tech than what you're used to. I am the solution to your problem.

I'm here because there just aren't enough solutions out there for people who need help with technology. Worse yet, the price of such service, trustworthy or not, is typically outrageously high. I rarely advertise, and I never partner with companies to try and sell you specific remedies just to make a quick buck. I charge zero markup on all parts, so I have zero incentive to sell you stuff you don't need. I just find your problem. And fix it. For good.

The Math

At first, it was friends and family. Then, it quickly became friends of friends and extended family. Many years and countless PCs later, I decided to make myself available to everyone in the Louisville Metro area. This was in 2006, and ever since then, it's just gotten busier and busier.

Just ask anyone I've worked for: I'm not your average tech. I do this stuff because I love it. I still research and develop my skills tirelessly. I am extremely thorougha perfectionist. I'm literally second to none at malware removal. I have developed a proprietary toolkit I use to fix most PC issues, and I own many thousands of dollars of software (and hardware) to that end. Chances are, if anyone can solve your problem effectively and affordably, I can.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Here are some of the problems I solve regularly:

Viruses, ransomware, and all other forms of malware without reformatting. I have experience in the area of disinfection which few other technicians have—just ask any of my previous customers!
Slow computer operation. Many times, this is due to infection also (protection notwithstanding). When in doubt, ask for a Triple-S Tune-Up (just $99 and awesome). If more is needed, I'll let you know.
Random crashes and instability. Experience counts for a lot, and I've seen a heck of a lot of different computer issues. I'll investigate and get to the bottom of your PC repair problem—and then I'll fix it.
Data recovery. Can't get into Windows but need your data? I can recover it for you at a fraction of the cost of many higher-priced companies—I own the state-of-the-art in drive recovery equipment.
New computer purchases. I have no allegiances to any company. Bottom line: I'll find you the best machine to meet your needs at a ridiculously affordable price.
Nearly anything else! Hardware, software, general troubleshooting—chances are, I can do it.

(Check out the services page for a more complete list of services with descriptions.)

You'll find honest and straightforward explanations of everything I do here on this website, and you'll get precisely the same from me when you hire me. So no matter what the issue, whether at home or the office, I'm here for you. Relaxlet me show you how it should be done.

Welcome to the solution.

The Highlights

Honest billing devoid of corner-cutting flat rates
Friendly service.
I actually have a personality!
True expertise.
Your data is safe! Trust my years of experience and certified expertise.
You'll save $$$.
I charge only what it takes, period. If I can't help you, you owe nothing!
Zero Markup = Zero incentive to sell you stuff you don't need.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
100%. This part's implied; my customers are invariably happy.
I'm honest.
My only goal is to make you happy so you'll refer me.
I'm independent.
I don't tie myself down or partner with companies for extra profit.
I am a rare specialist in the area of advanced spyware and virus removal.

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