SOLUTION: Windows Update Error 0x80071A90 “Reverting Changes…” when installing KB2732500, KB2729094, KB2732487, & KB2647753

Wow, that one’s a mouthful.

This weekend I was working on a client’s PC that repeatedly failed to install these four updates.  Upon rebooting, the PC repeatedly entered the “Reverting Changes…” step of Windows Update that occurs when one or more updates fails to install properly.  The error code (0x80071A90) isn’t very helpful, either.

Fortunately, the solution to this one is easy.  All that’s required is for you to first download and install the standalone update package for KB2647753 separately.  You can find the standalone package here:

Once you’re finished with this, perform the remaining updates once more.  They should now properly install.

This is often the best solution anytime Windows Update chokes on one or more updates.  The standalone package is always the first thing I try, followed by the Windows Update System Readiness Tool, and finally more advanced/invasive measures, such as resetting the SoftwareDistribution store or running Microsoft Fixit 50202 in Aggressive mode.  I won’t cover those procedures in any more detail here as it isn’t really needed, but if you’re in need of help, leave me a comment and I’ll elaborate!

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16 thoughts on “SOLUTION: Windows Update Error 0x80071A90 “Reverting Changes…” when installing KB2732500, KB2729094, KB2732487, & KB2647753

  1. I’ve solved this another way:
    1. Run msconfig and disable non-miicrosoft services and other 3-thd party programs (selective startup)
    2. Reboot
    3. Install updates
    4. Reboot
    5. Run msconfig and enable non-miicrosoft services and other 3-thd party programs (normal startup)
    6. Reboot

  2. Jerry,

    That’s a little more roundabout, but if it works to free up whatever file is in use during install, it’s great to have an alternative solution.

    Thanks for posting it! 🙂


  3. Thank you. It helped me. I installed KB2647753 alone,then reboot and update the others

  4. standalone update package for KB2647753 solved the problem for me too. Updates had been failing since Aug 15, 2012 and there were 12 different updates failing, so this post really helped zero in on the problem.
    Note: download of the update from MS wouldn’t work in Chrome; had to use IE for the Windows validation active X control to install and work.

  5. Is there a work around the validation tool? it states that it’s no longer compatible with my version of windows. (a volume license windows 7 64 at work)

  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is exactly what I needed. I feel like a fool, So simple a fix, yet I tried so many other things.

  7. How did you figure out that specific update ( KB2647753 ) is the problem?(and not the others)
    What about error code (0x80071A90)?


  8. Wow! I just had this problem on a brand new out-of-the-box PC! After manually installing KB2647753, everything else installed fine.

  9. It worked! Thank you, thank you. I had tried other solutions with no success and had accumulated over 20 updates … all just sitting there. Appreciate it.

  10. Thanks guys! As most things are in this industry, it was largely trial and error and investigative work. Also, I saw a couple reports across the ‘net that suggested others were having trouble with that particular update.

    I’m glad this was helpful to you! 🙂


  11. lo intente y cuando trato de instalarlo me dice que no es aplicable ….. como me da por las pelotas que pasen estas cosas yo no baje un virus yo no toque un programa importante para el equipo ni nada y de repente me aparece este error de mierda que me jode internet. Como me arrepiento de compararme una notebook con la mierda de windows 7 🙁

  12. it keeps telling me I need to update yet it no longer runs on my PC how do I either delete or update kb2729094?

  13. I have Vista32 I lot of Window Updates are failing to update first time around. I had to manually install stand alone Sp1 and Sp2. Also I have some software down- loads that won’t install. They just sit there.(nothing visible) One is PotPlayer and the other one Revo Uninstaller. I recently had to reinstall my Vista32 operating system. I used the Clone Image on my D: drive that came on my computer. So I had problems almost right away when I downloaded the two setup file that won’t run.
    Take a stab what this problem is. It appears there is many people on internet having same type installation problems.

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