Netflix Error n8156-6013

Here’s an error a customer of mine received recently when trying to play videos on Netflix.  The problem persisted in all web browsers installed (Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome).  A quick search across the internet reveals a solution which works for most people:

Browse to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\PlayReady on Vista/7 machines and C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\PlayReady on XP machines.  Rename the file mspr.hds to something else, such as mspr.hds.old (the file is recreated automatically).

Unfortunately, in this case, this solution didn’t work.  Probing further, I discovered that this problem only began occurring following the installation of a recent Windows Update (KB2636927).  To correct the issue, I was forced to uninstall Microsoft Silverlight and then reinstall an older version of the plugin until the problem is resolved on this machine.  I also had to hide this particular Windows Update to prevent it from reinstalling automatically!

Normally this is unadvisable as plugin updates most frequently provide security fixes and enhancements to the user’s machine, but in this case, there seemed to be no other solution.

If you’re experiencing this problem and you’re having trouble locating an older version of Silverlight to use, let me know and I can provide the installer!

Disable Google Chrome’s built-in Print Preview

Google Chrome Logo

Got Google Chrome but hate the new Print Preview design? Turn it off!

1) Open Google Chrome, type chrome:flags in the address bar, and press ENTER.
2) Find Print Preview and Disable it.

You need to have the latest version of Chrome (14) for this to be possible.

If you’re also having trouble with the built-in lightweight PDF reader, you can disable that just as easily and likewise enable your favorite replacement plugin (in my case, as much as I hate to say so, I stick with Adobe for all my clients, as it’s just more compatible than any other current solution).

1) Open Google Chrome, type chrome:plugins in the address bar, and press ENTER.
2) Find Chrome PDF Viewer and Disable it.
3) Find your favorite PDF plugin (it should be disabled by default) and Enable it.

Hope this helps!  Chrome is an excellent browser, even as its market share continues to rise (and, inversely, as its level of security drops).  It’s worth making the effort to make it work for you, as it will keep you safer.