Enough with the scans. Get it cleaned the right way.

Very few techs know how to properly disinfect a PC. You just found one. ;)

I'm quick
I'm remarkably thorough
I'm experienced (15+ years)
I'm honest
I'm affordable
I don't lose people's data
I very rarely reformat
I'm certified
I'm active in the security community
I'm one of Louisville's best

If you're looking to have your PC professionally disinfected and you happen to be near the Louisville, KY area, relax—Call me now and get it fixed!

Manual malware removal in action

This isn't just sales banter (trust me; I'm awful at sales). I've been doing this for over 15 years now. Fact is, my method of disinfection is one of the most effective possible. I have personally performed thousands of PC disinfections to date.

You know all those horror stories about the lady down the street who sent her computer to some "expert" at that other company, only to have it returned to her with all of her files missing?
Let me handle your problem and your data is safe.

Got a moment? Let's talk details.

Beware of most flat-rate pricing!

First off, let's tackle this one. Don't be fooled by most promotions:

  • Geek Squad charges $199 flat to remove an infection using one-size-fits-all techniques that you might not fully appreciate (see below).
  • Other local companies advertise disinfection service for low flat-rate prices. Be especially wary of anyone who promises such a rate; often, they're seriously cutting corners.

What they do (and why you pay too much for it)

For starters, let me let you in on a little secret: for all their strengths, most technicians simply don't know how to properly disinfect a computer.

Here's what you get when you call 90% of techs:

  1. A regular scan, or a so-called offline scan is run to remove the threats from outside of the host operating system. This requires no real expertise on the part of the technician; the scanner and related tools do all of the work. It also takes a few hours at minimum.

  2. The tech boots back into the OS and evaluates operation. He then assumes the PC is clean, takes your money, and goes onto the next disinfection.
Problem is, virus scanning programs are not infallible (and it's also why you'll probably find yourself infected at some point even if you have the best protection available). While most security programs make use of behavioral scanning (heuristics) to identify threats which are not perfectly catalogued by their definitions/signatures, this doesn't always work, either.


One of the main reasons why this is becoming more and more of an issue is the sophisticated nature of the malware. Much of modern malware is extremely cutting-edge; many are updated on a daily basis as their criminal authors make a lot of money stealing personal information (and selling it) and/or doing business with unsavory companies willing to invade your PC to advertise.

The most dangerous threats can morph their code with every installation (called polymorphism), self-encrypt, disperse themselves across several (or even hundreds of) files, and even load code beyond the normal filesystem.

Still others actually patch all files of a particular type and infect them in the vein of a traditional virus—but they do so polymorphically, making detection extremely difficult from offline, and often hidden by what's called a rootkit from within the host OS. These threats are very difficult to detect and are not always neutralized by an offline scan. Unless you're an absolute expert, you can forget about removing anything this sophisticated.

The most dangerous of all threats these days are called kernel-mode rootkits. They're also surprisingly common (I remove one in probably one out of every four or five disinfections I perform). Commonly, these infections patch system files to load malicious code along with the critical Windows components.

Many "experts" simply give up and reformat when faced with a kernel-mode rootkit (ever been told by an "expert" to reformat?). I don't. Many others scan and remove all obvious threats but miss the rootkit entirely. Again, I don't.

What I do

My methods are entirely different.

I have a proprietary toolkit which I deploy to perform disinfection. It starts with a manual removal of all malicious software from the obvious Windows loading points. I then personally inspect the folders related to the threats to remove any problem files—again, using specially-developed tools. I also closely examine your system files to ensure they have not been compromised.

All of this work is performed with specialized analysis tools close at hand to help me identify any threats which might be missed by traditional disinfection methods. Typically when I'm finished with my thorough hands-on methods (which rely on decades of experience in the field), I then run a cleanup scan with particular utilities to tidy up the remaining malware mess.

On multiple occasions I have had people bring me computers which have been "thoroughly disinfected," only to discover a dangerous kernel-mode rootkit hiding within a patched system file, cloaking and/or downloading other threats which are meant to steal personal information and send it to the program's authors.

I am an expert in this field, plain and simple. If you bring your PC to me, you can rest assured it will be disinfected in the most effective and thorough way possible. There is simply no one better in the area at this.

Not just disinfection

Once I'm finished with the initial disinfection, I also perform a mini tune-up on the computer. This includes startup optimization (manual traversal of the Windows loading points to ensure unnecessary software isn't bogging you down), temporary files cleanup, and if you choose, the installation of excellent software that will help prevent reinfection and save you money down the road.

The bottom line

You choose who disinfects your computer. If you have been referred to me, you've probably already heard all about how I go the extra mile with my work. If not, just know that once you've hired me once, you'll wonder where I've been all this time.

The number is (502) 233-4393. Call me now and see how it ought to be done. :-)

The Highlights

Honest billing devoid of corner-cutting flat rates
Friendly service.
I actually have a personality!
$96/hr when you bring your PC to me.
Billed in ¼-hour increments after the first hour.
Price includes mini tune-up during disinfection (flat-rate techs charge extra here)
Disinfections are often completed in 1½ hours.
Zero markup on all parts. That's right!
The most reliable disinfection service around.
If you want it done right, there's just no one better.
I'm independent.
I never tie myself down to any one company's products.
I know what the heck I'm doing.
I know it's rare, but you can actually trust me!
Again, I'm honest.
I won't sell you anything you don't need.
If I finish quickly, I'll gladly spend the rest of the time helping you with other matters, so you'll get your money's worth!