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Hi there! I'm Steve S. Schardein, a.k.a. Triple-S Computers.

I'm in my 30s, happily married in Louisville, Kentucky. I graduated in 2005 with degrees in Management and Computer Science. Over the years, I've been involved in everything from managing gaming industry coverage (for DigitalChumps.com) to reviewing hundreds of laptops for one of the world's largest mobile technology review sites (Notebookcheck, where I'm a Senior Editor at the US branch). The entire time, however, I've also been the owner and sole technician at Triple-S Computers.

It all started in the 1980s. At age eight, when I received my first computer (an Apple IIGS), I sat down and taught myself how to program in BASIC. I was opening and examining PCs by age eleven. And now, I've performed so many repair operations on so many computers that it's practically second-nature, and it would only be accurate to describe my work as a passion.

Perhaps what really motivated me to jump into this field commercially is the fact that so many other companies are doing it wrong. Prior to starting my company, I checked prices elsewhere and found people charging $299 just to remove malware from a residential computer. Not to say that I compete based on price—it's my quality which drives my business; my prices are simply a nice bonus. But that brings me to my next point: many of these people just don't know what they're doing. Try asking most techs how they go about disinfecting a PC, for instance, and if you can parse all the jargon, you might be surprised at how little they actually know about it.

When you call me, you get me—not some random teenager who was trained over the course of a week with a preset checklist of possible solutions in hand. I am confident you'll be thrilled with the results of my work, even to the point that I depend on that enthusiasm as my sole source of advertising. Referrals by happy customers are the lifeblood of my business, and the message is infectious!

The bottom line is, no matter what you need, odds are I can help you. And seeing as I've structured my business so that I do not profit from your ordering higher-priced parts, I have zero incentive to sell you on a more expensive product. I'm only here to help you; you only pay for my services.

Working for oneself in IT... it's quite liberating. To know that I'm helping to quell one of the most widely-accepted technological insufficiencies of our time is pretty darn gratifying.

Thanks for choosing me; you'll be glad you did.

Living the dream

Alongside my life at Triple-S Computers (which will always be my primary focus), you can find my work in plenty of other places. Here are a few of those!

Fmr. Senior Editor, US Division
Fmr. Managing Editor
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Fmr. Laptops Dude
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