Solution: AppleSyncNotifier.exe – “CoreFoundation.dll was not found”

AppleSyncNotifier.exe….This application has failed to start because CoreFoundation.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

This is the frustrating startup message you may encounter if you have iTunes installed and you’re like many, many other unlucky people out there.  The suggested solution on Apple’s website is to reinstall some other related iTunes components (Apple Application Support and Apple Mobile Device Support).  Unfortunately, this hasn’t fixed the issue on any machines I’ve seen.

Instead, the foolproof solution is to uninstall MobileMe.  Odds are you don’t use it anyway, and getting rid of it fixes the years-old problem that Apple still hasn’t resolved.

By the way, while we’re on the subject of terrible Apple software, their Bonjour program/protocol is equally guilty of such problems.  Open up your Application Event Log (Start > Run > type eventvwr.msc and press ENTER) and look around.  See if you aren’t one of the very many afflicted by the errors that Bonjour inexplicably adds to the log. If you are, you’ll have a hard time missing them: there are generally many thousands of them, relentless, back-to-back.

All of this Event Log activity from Apple’s program, by the way, is nothing good for your PC’s performance or reliability.  The Event Log service is not meant to record so many duplicate errors so regularly.

Apple might make great Apple products, but I don’t think I’m alone in saying that their PC software (for one thing) is absolutely nothing special.

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13 thoughts on “Solution: AppleSyncNotifier.exe – “CoreFoundation.dll was not found”

  1. I would really like to thank you for this page with really helpfull information on. It has been a year since I had been getting the error message on my lap top.
    This evening I just about had enough and googled the error message and that is how I came across your page.
    I just hope it works. lol

  2. I have tried your solution ( UNINSTALL MobileMe) and It worked. Thank you very much. I was told by many that it is virus attack and is bad for system..but your solution was simple and effective.
    Thanks again

  3. Thank You! Removed MOBILE ME from programs and the NOTIFICATION at START UP for the MISSING – applasyncnotifier IS GONE!

  4. I have to say that I very much like the way this post is written and completely agree with the sentiments.

    If you’ve seen Steve Jobs make the reference to iTunes being the best application available for Windows years ago, you might share the sense of irony their software issues engender in me.

    Stay away from iCloud/Mobile Me and your other PC software will suffer less issues.

  5. Hello I have the same problem but I dont have MobileMe on my PC. What shell I do in this case?

  6. I uninstalled mobileme and bonjour and the problem was solved. Thanks to the original poster for the useful tips.

  7. I have the same problem as everyone else. I just read on another forum that this guy followed the instructions given here re. Sync and Mobile Me deletion, and lost his iTunes library permanently . Any truth to or knowledge about that? Also I have a large music library on iTunes on this computer (Windows Home Vista). My iTunes all work fine. I just bought a new laptop with Windows 10. I know how to do a transfer my music to the new one, have done it before. But can any one make a recommendation as to whether I should try the transfer after or before I fix or try to fix the AS Notifier/MobileMe problem? Don’t want to lose or mess up my library. Thanks.

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