Solution: “Only part of a ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory request was completed”

If you’re encountering this error, you should first know that it refers to a memory access problem of some type.  The vast majority of scenarios where it occurs are during program installs or executions from an optical drive, and that’s what most of the internet offers as a solution.   To fix those problems, the solution is well-known.

When I ran into this problem, I was unfortunately more interested in everything not related to CD/DVD media.  Instead, it was occurring each and every time I attempted to execute an application on my client’s PC.

I checked the usual suspects, including file associations, IFEO (Image File Execution Options), and plenty of other items.  But in the end, it was a likely culprit: the client had previously had Kaspersky Internet Security installed (not a bad program by any means), but in an attempt to remove it, the process apparently failed.  This left some of its drivers behind, including some filesystem filter drivers which were preventing the execution of applications until Kaspersky okayed them.  Of course, since it wasn’t installed, that never occurred, and instead this message appeared.

To fix the problem, I ran a cleanup utility from Kaspersky’s web site and checked for stray drivers using a deep system scanning utility.  Following that, everything was peachy.