SOLUTION: “Restart your computer to install important updates” won’t go away in Windows 7

In recent weeks, I’ve encountered multiple machines unable to install Windows Updates thanks to a perpetual message claiming:

No matter what the user does, these machines simply won’t install any updates.  If they’re rebooted as requested, nothing happens, and the message simply reappears upon reentering Windows, no matter how quickly the user attempts to invoke the process.  Resetting the SoftwareDistribution repository, by the way, does not solve this problem.  Neither does restoring the conventional Windows Update settings using a variety of troubleshooters, such as the Microsoft troubleshooter.

What does work, however, is removing a single registry key which is responsible for the problem:

osupgrade-key(apologies for high-res screenshots; I’m too lazy to correct this)

The particular key in question is:

  • HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\Auto Update\OSUpgradePendingReboot

All that’s necessary is to delete this key, and the problem evaporates, like it never even happened!  The key is related to the Windows 10 in-place upgrade process which (used to) take place through Windows Update.  The situation seems to suggest that these machines were nearing the final stages of the upgrade when something happened and they failed to install it.  Now, the upgrade windows has officially passed.

As always, of course, it’s wise to create a System Restore point before modifying your registry, etc., yada yada.

Hope this helps!

SOLUTION: Windows Update Error 0x80071A90 “Reverting Changes…” when installing KB2732500, KB2729094, KB2732487, & KB2647753

Wow, that one’s a mouthful.

This weekend I was working on a client’s PC that repeatedly failed to install these four updates.  Upon rebooting, the PC repeatedly entered the “Reverting Changes…” step of Windows Update that occurs when one or more updates fails to install properly.  The error code (0x80071A90) isn’t very helpful, either.

Fortunately, the solution to this one is easy.  All that’s required is for you to first download and install the standalone update package for KB2647753 separately.  You can find the standalone package here:

Once you’re finished with this, perform the remaining updates once more.  They should now properly install.

This is often the best solution anytime Windows Update chokes on one or more updates.  The standalone package is always the first thing I try, followed by the Windows Update System Readiness Tool, and finally more advanced/invasive measures, such as resetting the SoftwareDistribution store or running Microsoft Fixit 50202 in Aggressive mode.  I won’t cover those procedures in any more detail here as it isn’t really needed, but if you’re in need of help, leave me a comment and I’ll elaborate!

Never bother with Windows Update again.  If you’re a repair tech or sysadmin, check out WUInstall Pro today!