“Multimedia/Gaming Environment” setting on some wireless adapters

If you’re using a wireless network in your home or office (or you’re helping a customer with theirs), you might encounter problems streaming video or audio wirelessly without sutters and skips occurring.

This is a common problem with wireless networks due to the number of packets which are dropped during transmission, and in fact, it’s such a frustrating issue that many people consider wireless networks unsuitable for streaming media.

While it’s true that a wired network of nearly any type is superior to a wireless network for streaming purposes, there is something you can try that may solve the problem. It’s a little-known setting in the RaLink drivers of certain networking adapters which prioritizes packets more heavily.

This setting can be found within the Device Manager (Start > Run > devmgmt.msc) in theProperties window for the networking adapter. From there, click on the Advanced tab and choose the setting called:

“Multimedia/Gaming Environment”

Change the setting from Disabled to Enabled. You may also wish to disable Power Management on the adapter to ensure it is always alive and ready for action, at the expense of some battery life, of course.

Once enabled, it’s quite possible that your problems may simply magically evaporate.

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