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Buy a New PC in Louisville, KY with me

Buy with me and you'll never look back.

I don't sell computers. I buy them the way they ought to be bought, and prepare them the way they ought to be prepared. I'm not a salesperson. When you hire me, I'm your liason, your accomplice, your guide.

I watch the market obsessively, and of course, I know what every part's worth. When a truly great deal comes along, I pull the trigger for you. After all, buying a PC without knowing precisely what you're paying for is like buying a house without having any idea what type of foundation, plumbing, heating and air-conditioning systems it contains.

I make nothing on the PC we buy. That's the beauty of it. Instead, my charge is a flat-rate $249 that covers not only the finding/buying process, but also a ton of setup and testing. Often I save my customers at least that much on the PC alone! Here's how the process works:

  • 1.I will chat with you about what exactly you want to do with your computer. I'll also suggest brands and models that I happen to like at the time, and if you have any ideas of your own we can explore those as well.
  • 2.We'll get an idea of your price range, and we'll make sure you stay within it. Remember, I don't stand to profit one bit from your purchase—it's the service you're paying me for. If I can't meet your price needs, I'll tell you straight up not to use me (seriously, I do this; the last thing I want is to buy you a piece of junk).
  • 3.We'll settle on a model  that meets your requirements. We'll pick one out together!
  • 4.If there are components that we can acquire at a cheaper price elsewhere, we will, separately from the rest of the PC. This saves you money, and that's a good thing.
  • 5.We'll order your PC and any additional components. Having me on your side here is a huge advantage as well; you get my discount, which is nearly always the best price you'll ever find on the model we're considering.
  • 6.Once your PC arrives, I'll inspect it, clean it up, and customize it for you. You wouldn't believe the kind of junk these PC manufacturers preinstall on their machines just to make a little extra profit. Fortunately, I'll clean it all up for you so you're left with what you want.
  • This step is quite extensive. The full service could easily be described as a "day one tune-up" on the machine; it includes not only cleanup, but also installation of all available critical updates, important driver and BIOS updates, and literally dozens of other steps. You won't get this kind of service at your average computer shop—much less at a store.
  • 7.I'll perform full-scale hardware diagnostics and provide a customized report. My (expensive!) licensed hardware diagnostic package stresses your new machine through dozens of different tests to help ensure the health of your hardware. After all, there's nothing fun about getting a new computer in your hands only to discover a couple of weeks down the road that it's defective.
  • 8.Need your data transferred? I'll copy your critical data over from an old computer to your new PC at no additional cost!  This process is accomplished using specialized tools that are far more detailed than a simple drag/drop and will make your life far easier.  I'll also provide a listing of Product Keys from the old PC (if any are available for extraction), an installed programs list, and a list of printers. Finally, I'll also try to import a number of settings to make your life easier, such as Outlook options and accounts and web browser profile data.
  • (Please note that this does not include the reinstallation of actual programs, except for a few sparse instances where they're readily accessible, such as occasionally Microsoft Office or QuickBooks).

And you get all this for $249 flat-rate on top of the price of the PC we choose. Of course, generally, I save people well more than that when all's said and done. And that's not including the headaches you'll save as well, along with those concerns about whether or not you really got everything you needed to last you.

 I'll make sure you get what you need.

Already made the mistake of buying without me (sorry, haha! ;-) and desiring some help with setup/transfer? No worries! I offer this as a separate service for a discounted rate of $179 flat.

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