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On-Site & Remote Computer Repair in Louisville, KY

Place one call to Steve and it's as good as done—the first time!

While many repairs are better handled in a lab environment, there are plenty of situations where on-site work is a more sensible approach, or in many cases, remote connection over the internet. Whether you're a business with 15 - 20 workstations and a network in need of troubleshooting and maintenance, or an individual with wireless printing woes, I'm the expert that will get it solved quickly—the first time.

My customers range in size from the typical residential client (probably 70%) to businesses of practically all sizes, from a few to a few hundred workstations. No matter your situation or whether we handle it in-person or virtually, I'm extraordinarily thorough, quick, and effective. Quite frankly, my reputation precedes me—but you'll understand once we get started.

These services are billed on an hourly basis. My rates are $128/hr for remote service and $168/hr on-site. On-site service is billed in 15-minute increments with a 1 hour minimum, whereas remote service is billed per minute with a 15-minute minimum.

You'll be shocked at what I can accomplish in such a short period of time. There is no simply replacement for experience.

Some examples of common problems I solve:
  • General maintenance & check-up/tune-up work - Although not everything can be accomplished on-site or remotely, a large majority of my typical Triple-S Tune-up procedures can still be done that way. It's not as efficient and my having the machine in my lab environment, of course, but it's still leagues ahead of what the competition offers.
  • Disinfection/security response - I have been in charge of some high-profile and large-scale security response measures in the Louisville area over the years, and my expertise in this arena is practically unparalleled. As detailed on the dedicated disinfection service page, my procedures are unlike practically any other: I don't rely on automated scanning, but rather, manual-assisted tools and decades of experience—and I'm a rare expert in this regard.
  • Network troubleshooting and overhauls - I'm Network+ and Security+ Certified to handle most common networking issues. However, one item I don't handle is physical cabling installation (there are myriad other companies that tackle this stuff) or Cisco equipment programming/troubleshooting.
  • Hardware installation and setup - While procedures like docking station and monitor stand installation may seem simple, it's surprising how much time and hassle you can save by hiring someone who does it all the time.
  • Wireless printer setup and troubleshooting - We all love to hate them. Yes, it's true that wireless printers are convenient (when they work as intended), but you might be surprised to learn that, thanks to the number of variables in the equation, they aren't the simplest of devices to troubleshoot. There are a lot of things that can go wrong between the printer and your computer; I can probably solve in 15 minutes what might otherwise take you hours!
  • Training and education - Apart from technology generally, one thing that doesn't scare me is speaking and social interaction (shocker, I know, given the stereotypes surrounding my role)! So if you're up for a bit of one-on-one training or something larger with a group, drop me a line and we'll see if I can help out.
  • Home network overhaul + streaming setup - Here's a service that's become very popular over the course of the past few years. As the importance of central home networking has positioned it as the fourth utility of sorts in everyone's lives (alongside plumbing, electric, and HVAC), insufficiencies in wireless networks and connectivity more broadly have become more obvious than ever. Get with me, and I'll set you up in ideal fashion: with a rock-solid, fast wireless network that extends to every corner of your property, and a streaming television setup that will probably pay for the cost of the entire service (and equipment!) within mere months.
  • General Troubleshooting and Tech Support - Because I can't possibly list everything here, naturally—but rest assured I can handle practically anything. And anything I don't handle, I can easily get you in touch with the right people for that work, too. I'm not afraid to defer where it's optimal to do so.
A little word about remote service...

...as with everything else, I make no compromises about the remote support packages I choose for my work. I use TeamViewer Corporate software, fully branded for my company as Triple-S QuickSupport and (for my business users who require persistent, quick solutions) Triple-S Host Management. Every single machine I've touched has quick remote access options preinstalled (though not actively running, for sake of privacy) so that my clients can easily summon my assistance at any time, any place.

Call me today and we can figure out what approach makes the most sense for you. You'll be glad you did!

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