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(The) Triple-S Tune-Up

$149 flat-rate (drop-off) + additional repair work, billed hourly on-site (avg. $168 - $294)  

This is a full-scale tune-up of your PC by someone who's specialized in PC optimization and software support for well over a decade now. As anyone who's worked with me will attest, there's nothing else quite like it.

This isn't your average run-scan, push-button, take-money service. It's the product of countless years of experience; the combination of custom-coded software (by yours truly!) in conjnction with irreplaceable expertise. It's the core of every major software-based service I provide, and the results speak for themslves.

What's included:
  • Startup Optimization - I'll manually traverse your Windows loading points and remove/prevent unnecessary programs and services from booting with the OS.
  • Unwanted/Unnecessary Software Removal - This includes adware and trialware of any type. I'll examine your entire list of installed applications to ensure better options do not exist.
  • Critical Updates and Patches Installation - I'll update Windows and other common system software to the latest, most secure versions to prevent infection.
  • Plugin Updates and Application Upgrades - I'll install updated versions and patches for many vulnerable browser plugins, related applications, and other programs. I'll also provide a more secure web browser configuration which is also much faster and more convenient.
  • Performance Tweaks - Certain systems can benefit from other performance tweaks related to a variety of subterranean technical items. I don't deal in snake oil; I'm intimately familiar with what works and what actually causes more problems than it solves. If it's worth doing, I'll do it for you.
  • Numerous Privacy Enhancements - The balance between privacy and convenience is an authentic modern struggle. Having said that, there are lots of things that can be done to prevent unnecessary telemetry and tracking on Windows 10. As above, I'm deeply familiar with what's worth doing and what isn't. When I'm finished with your machine, it'll be ready to roll!    
  • Device Driver Updates - Although it's tempting to micro-manage them yourself, the general rule with most device drivers is the tried-and-true "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Still, one of the benefits of my spending time with your machine is that I'm able to babysit this stuff through to completion. If it's helpful, I'll handle the upgrades for you—so you don't have to.    
  • Security Auditing - I'll ensure you are prepped to withstand the nature of modern threats on the internet. Keep in mind that this doesn't include actual disinfection work; if any security cleanup is needed, it's billed separately on top of the core Tune-up package.     
  • Full-scale Hardware Testing and Diagnostics - I'll also perform sophisticated hardware testing to ensure your components—everything from your storage drive to your memory and CPU—are in healthy condition. I use expensive, extremely reliable tools to perform these tests (the same ones most major manufacturers depend on to assess the reliability of their new products). I can provide you with a detailed report of all testing performed if you'd like as well.   
  • Plenty of Other Stuff - The entire time I'm working on your machine, I'm also subconsciously assessing its various components and performance. Trust me; it's the nature of my perfectionism and it isn't necessarily a good business trait of mine, but it's definitely good for you as the customer. ;-) If I see anything else I can do to your computer to make life easier on you, I'll do it automatically. The list of intangibles here is too long to mention, but it's a valuable service. You just can't beat experience.   
When all's said and done...

...I'll provide a basic assessment of any other significant issues with the system and ask if you'd like them fixed while I've got the PC with me. If anything beyond the scope of the tune-up is warranted (software issues, beneficial hardware upgrades, etc.—remember, I don't mark up parts, so I've got no reason to recommend something you don't need), I'll let you know ahead of time and you can decide if you'd like to go through with the extra work.

A Triple-S Tune-up is a tune-up done right. Once I'm finished, you'll wonder where I've been all these years. ;-)   

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